Mar 192015

While the winter weather has caused us to curtail construction operations in some of our markets, our employees have been using the down-time to receive valuable training on new pieces of equipment and best construction practices.

We provided safety training as directed by CSX Railroad that is required so we can work safely as we repair track crossings. We also had instructors come to our offices from Wirtgen America to train our employees on the newest reclaimers, milling machines and pavers Ruston Paving owns and operates. These classes taught our employees factory-recommended best practices for machine operation and maintenance, which allows them to effectively and efficiently utilize the equipment on the job.

Wirtgen TrainingCSX Training

Paving SeminarDurham Paving crews took advantage of the bad weather to attend a paving and compaction seminar put on by Linder Industrial Machinery of Raleigh and The Wirtgen Group, which was held at NC State University’s McKimmon Center.

By participating in seminars such as this, our crews learn about the latest technologies and best paving practices.  This ensures Ruston Paving can always provide the best product and service to our clients.


Wirtgen Paver TrainingThough it’s still snowy in New York, we’re gearing up for spring and getting employees ready for another year of paving. Thus, Ruston Paving invited Wirtgen America to host a clinic in our Rochester shop. This annual Q & A training session covered information on our Wirtgen paver including performing proper inspections of the paver, making adjustments to the equipment, and other maintenance and use inquiries.  Shop and crew members from both the Syracuse and Rochester divisions were in attendance.  Teamed up with Wirtgen paving representative Tom Knowles, it proved to be a highly productive session.

Oct 252012

SUNY IT (Soil Stabilization)

Ruston Paving was contracted by SUNY IT to construct a new parking lot that would serve as an overflow area for the athletic fields and field house. During the subbase placement phase, torrential rains saturated the work site. After discussing and pricing various construction options, it was determined that soil stabilization with Portland cement would be the most efficient and cost-effective method. The panoramic picture above shows the process, namely, the Stoltz cement spreader, Wirtgen reclaimer (mixing the cement and existing  subbase), sheepsfoot roller compacting the material, grader and smooth-drum roller. Because of the strength of the cement-stabilized subbase, we were able to eliminate a 2 1/2″ layer of asphalt base.  The area will be paved with a layer of asphalt binder and an asphalt top course.

YRC - Cement SpreadingYRC - Pulverizing

YRC Freight’s Baltimore yard had an overflow area that was used for trailer parking; however, the area was sinking and rutting due to the weight of the trailers.  The area eventually became so severely rutted that it was unusable. Ruston Paving was originally contacted by YRC to perform full depth stone and subgrade replacement to address the reoccurring problem.  It was then that we suggested the soil stabilization process as an alternative method.  The process mitigated costs and drastically shortened the construction schedule.  In addition to saving time and money, this process ultimately provided a more structurally sound finished product.  This project marks the third project in as many years that Ruston Paving has completed for YRC and we are proud to call them a repeat customer!

Manheim Auto AuctionThe Manheim Auto Auction had a 10,000 square yard auction area that required some pavement upgrades.  As improvements to the entrances began, construction traffic brought to light some significant structural deficiencies.  Manheim was looking for a contractor to handle all phases of the project, ensuring it was a turnkey operation.  Enter Ruston Paving

One reconstruction option that was being considered was to remove the top two feet of unsuitable material and replace it with stone from a nearby quarry. This method would be costly, time consuming and wouldn’t be a good use of the on-site resources.  Ruston Paving proposed the full depth reclamation (FDR) process whereby we would pulverize the existing paved parking area to a depth of 14″ and mix in a predetermined amount of Portland cement to establish a sound subbase on which to pave.  The entire FDR process took four to five days and the results were fantastic. Our crews are scheduled to pave the lot during the first week of August.

Manheim is the world’s largest provider of vehicle remarketing services, operating over 122 locations worldwide. In 2010, Manheim handled nearly 10 million used vehicles, facilitating transactions representing more than $50 billion in value.


FDR at GSKPaving at GSK

Ruston Paving was once again working at GlaxoSmithKline.   This time, however, we were under the guidance of McDonald York, a general contractor for whom we’ve worked each year for the past 7 years.  This particular project entailed the rehabilitation of GSK’s Ruvane parking lot.  The pavement in the Ruvane lot was rutted and fatigued.  GSK elected to utilize the green process of Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Soil Stabilization, which afforded them a structurally sound subbase on which a 2″ asphalt surface course was applied.  This process enabled them to save both time and money.

Apr 052012

Page Road Before StabilizationStabilizing Page Road Site

Ruston Paving was recently contracted by Progressive Contracting Company to stabilize the site for the new Page Road Grill at Imperial Corners in Durham.  The initial phase of the project required Progressive Contracting, which is developing the property for Tri Properties, to place up to four feet of fill over the entire site; however, the ground was so weak and wet that no equipment could be supported – that’s when we were called in.  Using 4% Calciment, our Wirtgen Reclaimer mixed the site’s top 20 inches with 100 tons of Calciment to dry the ground.  Some areas were so poor that our reclaimer sunk to the top of the tires!  By day’s end, the area was successfully dried.  The site was then proofrolled and is now being filled.  The restaurant’s construction is now back on track and Tri Properties was mighty appreciative of our efforts.

An article highlighting the Woodcliff Office Park project in Fairport, NY was recently published on that features Ruston Paving and the process of FDR (full depth reclamation).  To read the entire article, click HERE.

FDR in Tight Areas Article

Reclaming Grey Stone Baptist ChurchRuston Paving was recently contracted by Bobbitt Design Build to reconfigure and improve existing parking areas and roadways at the Grey Stone Baptist Church.  After completing previous projects for both Bobbitt and Grey Stone, we were proud to be called upon once again.  After attending our seminar on full depth reclamation and working with us on a prior reclamation project, Bobbitt Design Build identified Grey Stone’s present conditions as a perfect candidate for full depth reclamation with Portland cement.  The church is building a new Legacy Center, which will be a state of the art children’s facilty, and the site improvements will also provide better access and parking lots for the center.

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