Brogan Manor AptsRuston Paving crews were at the top of their game while working at Brogan Manor in Auburn.  Repeat customer Celia Construction contracted our Syracuse division to complete milling and paving portions of three different parking lots in this 88-unit townhouse complex.

Part of a two-year renovation of the townhomes, this project was quite the undertaking. With our crews pushing full speed ahead, we were able to aide Celia Construction in finishing the project 3 months early!

Deep River Office ParkChildress Klein, one of the largest real estate firms in the Southeast, contracted Ruston Paving to remove the old pavement at their Deep River Office Park property  and install a new surface course. Once our crews assembled on-site and the existing pavement was removed, we found that the subbase lacked the proper strength and should also be replaced.

By using the full depth reclamation process, we were able to transform the deteriorated parking area into one that will last for years to come!

Saddle Club TownhomesRuston Paving was certainly up to the challenge when Saddle Club Townhomes decided to reconstruct 8 of its 17 parking areas. The residents were very understanding as they were asked to park in alternate areas while our crews pulverized, stabilized and paved their lots.

Initially, the repair process of asphalt milling and paving was considered by the owner, Dawn Home Management; however, when concerns about the base were voiced, the full depth reclamation (FDR) process was suggested and agreed upon as it would save both time and money when compared to traditional reconstruction methods. DHM has been so pleased they’re considering reconstructing the remaining lots next year!

Paving Elite Mini StorageOne of our Durham paving crews was back at Elite Mini Storage to install the top course of asphalt and complete the project that was started last fall. Working for Sanford Contractors, we were contracted to install the binder in 2014 with the intention that we’d top the parking areas of the new storage facility in 2015 .

This project marks one of many jobs Ruston Paving has completed for Sanford Contractors over the years and we look forward to continuing our partnership on future projects.

The Peggs CoRuston Paving was contacted by The Peggs Company to come up with a way to pave their old, pothole-ravaged, stone yard.  The Pegg’s Company warehouse assembles mass quantities of new shopping carts along with reconditioning older carts.  This yard is used for staging supplies and shipping/receiving 18-wheeler deliveries.  After regrading the site to achieve positive drainage, the crews seen here are stabilizing the yard and prepping the site for paving, which is set to take place after the holiday weekend.  The manager and employees have all stopped out to see the work and have been impressed with the crews, the fleet of Ruston Blue equipment, and stabilization process as a whole.  Great work all the way around!

The newly paved road at Keswick Estates overlooking the historic Keswick Hall and their renowned golf course is truly breathtaking.  This project consisted of FDR for this entire road with patching and overlay throughout the rest of the neighborhood.  The crews worked relentlessly to keep the job site safe and clean while paying attention to detail as they worked through the rolling hills of the golf course and alongside the practice greens.  Ruston Paving has received numerous compliments from the home owners, property managers, and engineers for our quality of work, organization of the job site, and most importantly the professionalism of all our crews.  Great work all around and many thanks to all who traveled down/up to make this project successful – it was a true team effort!

Keswick Club (finished)

ImagePress (FDR)Ruston Paving’s Syracuse crews, with help from some key Rochester employees, did a fantastic job reconstructing this distressed parking lot for Image Press, a nationally recognized digital printing company. The entire property is located in a very wet area in the Town of Cicero; however, by utilizing a full depth reclamation process with Portland cement, we were able to stabilize the lot and provide a finished product that will serve them for years to come.

Home Comfort (FDR)Home Comfort (paving)

Home Comfort is planning to move their office from Jefferson Road to a location in Scottsville. Before they could move in, Home Comfort wanted Ruston Paving to reconstruct the existing parking lot. By using our full depth reclamation process, our Rochester crews were able to pulverize everything on-site and reconstruct a solid base on which to pave. Home Comfort was extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality work our crews displayed.

Paving Garrett Farms Tennis CourtsGarrett Farms, a large subdivision in Durham County, had two tennis courts that were in dire need of repair due to root and water damage.

Ruston Paving was contracted by North State Resurfacing, the general contractor of the project, to pulverize the existing courts and a portion of the subbase. We then mixed Portland cement into the blended material to stabilize the subbase.  After that was complete, we placed and compacted 4″ of crushed stone and 3″ of surface asphalt pavement mix in two lifts.

Once the color coating, fencing and nets are installed, the residents will be able to garner years of enjoyment from their new courts!

FDR at Days Inn (Durham)After completing interior renovations, the Days Inn of Durham was ready to fix their 20+ year old parking lot.  Pictured is a crew from Ruston Paving’s Durham division that is completing the process of full depth reclamation (FDR) on the failing lot.  The FDR process allowed us to repair the entire pavement section and correct the drainage issues onsite.  We were able to work with the customer and phase the project to keep the active hotel up and running.

The owner has been very impressed with the professionalism of our crews and quality of the work.

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