Nov 022016

Milling at Carrier20 years ago, one of our Syracuse paving crews resurfaced this entrance to Carrier Corporation’s East Syracuse facility. After many utility cuts over the years, Carrier finally decided it was time to mill out the old asphalt and repave it. Once again, we were happy to do the work.

Ruston Paving is proud of the work we’ve been able to do for Carrier year in and year out over the past 20 plus years. This would not be possible if not for the quality work performed by our crews – a tip of the cap to you all!

Clayton Arms AptsEarlier this year, our Rochester crews completed a project at French Creek Townhomes, a property managed by Eastwood Management. Based on the success of that job, Eastwood contracted with Ruston Paving again to mill and pave its Clayton Arms Apartments. We’re delighted to say that Eastwood Management has asked us to pave a third property for them later this season.

We’re proud of the relationship we’ve developed with Eastwood Management and look forward to continuing it for years to come.

Paving Chittenango High SchoolOur Syracuse crews took advantage of the fact that the Chittenango Central School District was on spring break to repave the high school. Ruston Paving was entrusted with the task of performing a complete 85,000 sq. ft. mill and overlay within the one-week break. This student/employee parking lot and the school’s bus loop had a whole new look by the time class was back in session. Though they were battling some April showers, our Syracuse crews did a magnificent job of working efficiently to complete this task on time.

Ruston Paving - Durham Yard (milling)Ruston Paving Durham Yard (paving)

Crews in our Durham division recently milled and installed a new surface course of asphalt in the parking lots of our Durham offices.  At Ruston Paving, we pride ourselves on our image and reputation, and part of upholding these values is ensuring our own lot is well-maintained.  Now employees can enjoy first-hand the fruits of their labor, and prospective clients can get a first hand look at the high quality of work we have to offer.

Brogan Manor AptsRuston Paving crews were at the top of their game while working at Brogan Manor in Auburn.  Repeat customer Celia Construction contracted our Syracuse division to complete milling and paving portions of three different parking lots in this 88-unit townhouse complex.

Part of a two-year renovation of the townhomes, this project was quite the undertaking. With our crews pushing full speed ahead, we were able to aide Celia Construction in finishing the project 3 months early!

Target (Richmond)Ruston Paving’s Richmond division repaved the Target in Colonial Heights.  This project is one of two Targets completed simultaneously this past week.  Both jobs consisted of multiple phases, and the crews worked diligently around the clock to provide a great looking parking lot, all while maintaining a safe work site.  Another true team effort and big thanks to all involved who made this project a success!

Lots of compliments received on both our crew and equipment – Ruston Blue was representing in Richmond in a big way!

Deep River Office ParkChildress Klein, one of the largest real estate firms in the Southeast, contracted Ruston Paving to remove the old pavement at their Deep River Office Park property  and install a new surface course. Once our crews assembled on-site and the existing pavement was removed, we found that the subbase lacked the proper strength and should also be replaced.

By using the full depth reclamation process, we were able to transform the deteriorated parking area into one that will last for years to come!

Jul 312015

YRC (milling)YRC (paving)

The project recently completed by Ruston Paving for YRC Freight is a prime example of the teamwork and coordinated effort that makes Ruston Paving the premier paving company in the country!

YRC contacted us about the deteriorated pavement at their Richmond terminal. It was determined that milling off the existing asphalt and installing a new surface course was required. As the job was being fit into our production schedule, we were informed that, due to some timing constraints, YRC needed the project completed sooner rather than later.  This was when the synergy of Ruston Paving was brought to light. After some extensive coordination with our other divisions, we were able to bring down a paving crew from New York and muster some equipment from North Carolina and northern Virginia to complete the project ahead of schedule. YRC was extremely impressed with the quality of our work and the timeliness with which it was completed!

While we operate a local office in all of our markets, Ruston Paving’s strength lies in the sum of all our offices that can rally together to satisfy our customers. Thanks to everyone for their help & great effort by the Blue team!

Paving at Orchard ParkRolling at Orchard Park

Ruston Paving was contracted by long-time customer Con Tech Building Systems to perform an intricate job at Orchard Park Estates in Central Square. The Syracuse division prepared to mill the existing lot and then overlay the entire area. The project was complicated as our crews had to tackle areas with critical grades that needed to be maintained and mirrored. With our focus and attention to detail, the work was completed successfully and then paving was a breeze.

Parkway Plaza (Phase 4)This asphalt milling and paving work marked the fourth and final phase Ruston Paving completed on the Parkway Plaza Improvement Project. Rivercrest Realty, who manages the property, is a valued client of Ruston Paving and we are proud to have worked on their properties for more than 10 years.

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