Rochester ShopWhile glacial grounds and snowy skies are taking over Western New York, there is still plenty of work at hand for Ruston Paving’s Rochester shop. Shop foreman Butch Carson and mechanic Dave Williams have begun performing necessary repairs and maintenance to our equipment as the season comes to a close. While busy tending to the equipment in Rochester, they are also tending to some equipment shipped up from our Durham Division.  We are able to take advantage of the slow periods in our Northern divisions to help keep the year-round Southern divisions running without a hitch.

Wirtgen Paver TrainingThough it’s still snowy in New York, we’re gearing up for spring and getting employees ready for another year of paving. Thus, Ruston Paving invited Wirtgen America to host a clinic in our Rochester shop. This annual Q & A training session covered information on our Wirtgen paver including performing proper inspections of the paver, making adjustments to the equipment, and other maintenance and use inquiries.  Shop and crew members from both the Syracuse and Rochester divisions were in attendance.  Teamed up with Wirtgen paving representative Tom Knowles, it proved to be a highly productive session.

Working on PaverWhile the winter season sets in for our northern divisions, our New York mechanics have already started going through our equipment to get it ready for next year.  During the latest walk-thru, the garage bays are filled with pavers, dump trucks, and dozers being cleaned, taken apart and  refurbished.  Proper preparation is paramount for peak performance!

Feb 162011

Ruston Paving MechanicsEvery winter, our mechanics go over all the vehicles and equipment for the upcoming season. They go the extra mile to fix everything in-house. They perform routine maintenance, replace worn out parts and make sure that everything is in safe, working order for the upcoming busy season. Their hard work and conscious effort to save money, without cutting safety concerns, is why we appreciate all their hard work. Thanks for all that you do!

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