Jun 082017

Mardela High School (paving)Crews from Ruston Paving’s Manassas division recently completed work on Mardela High School’s track in Mardela Springs, Maryland. The general contractor on the project was R.A.D. Sports, out of Rockland, MA.  Ruston Paving was recommended to R.A.D. Sports by Beynon Sports, another company that specializes in running track construction and whom we’ve completed several tracks for in the past.

The project consisted of fine grading and paving an 8 lane (30’ wide) track.  Over the past few years, our paving crews in Virginia have developed very good quality control practices and is highly regarded by track surfacing and turf field companies.  A big thanks to our employees willingness to stay out of town on projects located a few hours from our Manassas office.

Sparrows Point High SchoolRuston Paving and Field Turf have worked together on several projects over the past couple years. So when Field Turf ran into an extremely wet site while working on the athletic field reconstruction at Sparrows Point High School, they immediately contacted us and asked if we could dry it out with our soil stabilization process.

The school is located about 2 hours from our Manassas office in Baltimore County.  We were willing to travel a farther distance than normal because of the relationship we have built with Field Turf.

McDonalds Capitol Heights - pavingOur Northern Virginia division was contracted by Freeman & Associates to perform asphalt paving at a McDonald’s remodel in Capitol Heights.  In the past,  Ruston Paving has performed work for Freeman & Associates in our Greensboro market as we continue to build our reputation as both a reliable and quality contractor. Because this McDonald’s was located in a busy shopping center, our crews phased the work to allow minimum disruption to tenants, customers and deliveries.  This is one of the many McDonald’s remodels that Ruston Paving has completed over the past few years.

YRC - Cement SpreadingYRC - Pulverizing

YRC Freight’s Baltimore yard had an overflow area that was used for trailer parking; however, the area was sinking and rutting due to the weight of the trailers.  The area eventually became so severely rutted that it was unusable. Ruston Paving was originally contacted by YRC to perform full depth stone and subgrade replacement to address the reoccurring problem.  It was then that we suggested the soil stabilization process as an alternative method.  The process mitigated costs and drastically shortened the construction schedule.  In addition to saving time and money, this process ultimately provided a more structurally sound finished product.  This project marks the third project in as many years that Ruston Paving has completed for YRC and we are proud to call them a repeat customer!

Paving at Ourismen ChevroletOne of our Manassas paving crews is pictured here paving adjacent to the new showroom at Ourismen Chevrolet.  The parking lot was structurally sound but had a few cracks in the pavement.  After discussing the various options, it was decided that Ruston Paving would cover the old pavement with paving fabric, which would prevent the existing cracks from reflecting through to the new surface.  A surface lift of hot mix asphalt was then applied.

Paving at Andrews AFBA new Temporary Lodging Facility was constructed at Andrews Air Force Base that is used to house newly stationed personnel who have yet to receive their permanent quarters.  Ruston Paving was tasked by Manhattan Construction to install the stone and pave the facility’s parking areas. This was the third project we have completed for Manhattan in the past three years.

At the turn of the 19th century, Manhattan was the first company to incorporate in the newly formed state of Oklahoma and has grown into one of the largest privately held construction firms in the western hemisphere.

Oct 042011

Paving McDonald's in ViennaRuston Paving was contracted by Venture Construction to pave a new McDonald’s in Temple Hills, MD.  Venture Construction specializes in retail and restaurant construction, and our Northern Virginia office recently teamed up with them to complete another McDonald’s in Vienna, VA.  The all-around good experience brought them back to us for another project.  Working with a short time frame, our crews were able to do everything needed to get the site cleaned up, fine graded and completely paved in a two day period.

Aug 102011

Paving at LDS Church in Frederick, MDOur northern Virginia based crews recently repaved The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in Frederick, Maryland.  The scope of the project involved some minor repairs to the lot, installation of pavement fabric and a hot mix asphalt overlay.  Pavement fabric was used on this particular project to help prevent reflective cracking, which occurs when cracks appear in the new surface resulting from underlying cracks.

R.C. Legnini Company was the general contractor on this project.  Ruston Paving is also working for the R.C. Legnini Company on an LDS Church in Oneonta, NY this summer.

Aug 012011

Paving YRC's Landover, MD TerminalRuston Paving was contracted by YRC to perform pavement improvements at its Landover, MD terminal.  YRC (created from the merger of Yellow Corporation and Roadway Corporation) is the leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods, specializing in solutions for businesses across North America.  This is the second project we have completed for YRC this year as YRC’s Manassas location also needed similar repairs. Due to the volume of truck traffic coming in and out of the Landover terminal, more than just an asphalt overlay was required. Working with YRC, we collaborated to come up with a viable solution to the problems that existed onsite.  The finished product looks great and the feedback has all been positive.

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