Spring Arbor (finished)Ruston Paving crews from our Richmond division recently completed a project for Hercules Contracting, a valued repeat customer. This project is an addition to the Spring Arbor retirement community containing a new memory loss facility to aid with the specific needs of its tenants.

The facility is set to open in fall 2016. So, our crews had a strict schedule to adhere to and were highly successful in completing the project on time. Great work all around!

Ephesus Church (FDR)Ephesus Church (finished)

Here are pictures from a beautiful project Ruston Paving completed at Ephesus Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, NC. The church, founded in 1891, needed an updated parking area to match its picturesque exterior. We stabilized their gravel parking areas and drive lanes by using our full depth reclamation process. Once that phase was complete, we installed a lift of asphalt pavement that will support the parish for years to come.


Lockheed Martin (overlay)Ruston Paving was contracted by Lockheed Martin to attend to one of the larger parking lots at its Manassas location. The work involved two areas of pavement.  A section of older parking lot yet to be completed requires Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Portland cement stabilization.  This process will restore and greatly improve the performance of the pavement section while adding many years to its service life.  Shown in the photo is a more recently constructed section where we provided an asphalt leveling course prior to an overlay. Everyone involved has been impressed with our crews, the performance of work, and dedication to quality. We have received numerous compliments on the new parking lot from both facility managers and office employees.

Stay tuned as we intend to provide before, during, and after pictures of the FDR in the second phase.

Extended Stay America's Finished Parking LotRuston Paving rehabilitated the parking lot of the Syacuse area Extended Stay America hotel.  Extended Stay America specializes in providing business and leisure travelers a functional hotel suite at an exceptional value.  The hotel’s parking lot required catch basin repairs, a new handicap ramp along with milling the existing pavement and repaving the lot.  The work done on the project was completed in two phases so as not to shut down the entire complex.

Oct 112011

Homer High School's Finished LotThis is the finished product from a job at Homer High School in Homer New York. This project is a full depth reconstruction project, which includes underdrain, storm piping and site restorations. Prior to reconstruction the existing lot had no drainage and “was really bad, especially in the winter.”  Ruston Paving was given the go-ahead to start the project right before school was about to begin.  We completed the 45,000 square foot project with minimal interference to the school and their daily activities. Positive comments were received from the school officials, as well as, Bette & Cring (general contractor), Hunt Engineers (design engineer), and Bovis Lend Lease (construction manager).

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