Frustration To Satisfaction on 03-24-17Last week, Ruston Paving was working for a local grading company that was widening a road in Graham, NC. At 5:25 this past Friday evening, a frustrated homeowner submitted a message via the Contact Form of our website. It seems this homeowner was tired of looking at her mailbox on the ground and restricted access to her driveway due to the road construction.

Even though these issues were the responsibility of the grading contractor (our prominent blue colored equipment can be misleading!), the message was quickly passed to Mark Rogers, our NC regional manager, who showed an exemplary level of service. Mark immediately contacted the homeowner to fully understand the problem, then called the grading company that was still on site to get the problem resolved. The grading company sent a crew to the home right away, installed the mailbox and smoothed the transition from the driveway to the road. After the grading company called Mark to say the work was complete, Mark called the homeowner back to be sure they were satisfied. All of this happened in the span of one hour, which prompted the homeowner’s follow-up message the next morning!!

As the homeowner so succinctly wrote, “that is some stellar customer service!” It’s no coincidence that kind of swift action and level of service allows us to stand head and shoulders above our competition.

Oct 022012

Fairfield Inn TestimonialOur Rochester division just received an email praising the work our crews did at the Fairfield Inn in Corning, NY.  The project entailed some partial depth repairs, some milling and an asphalt overlay.  While we aim to please on every job we do, it’s nice when our clients take the time to tell us in writing that we got the job done right.

Clancy & Theys TestimonialOne of the final phases of the First Presbyterian Church’s large scale reconstruction project was to mill and overlay the asphalt pavement.  Clancy & Theys Construction Company was the general contractor and, because of the great job our crews did patching some areas earlier this spring, we were contracted to perform the work.  Once again, our Ruston Paving team really made a favorable impression as evidenced by the letter the senior project manager wrote about our stellar performance.  Click on the image to the right to read the letter.

Clancy and Theys TestamonialEven a smaller project can make a big impact. Our Durham division recently completed a 50 square yard asphalt patch repair at the First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh that proved to be a feather in our cap.  Clancy & Theys was the general contractor for a larger renovation going on at the church and contracted us to complete the repair.   Mark Phillips, superintendent for Clancy & Theys, was impressed with our work and sent Kevin Maira, Ruston Paving’s project manager, a nice email complementing our crew.  Thanks Mark!

Jun 082011

Testimonial LetterTo the right is a letter we received in the Rochester office from a property owner who contracted with us to renovate his existing tennis court.  Thanks to the project manager, Jeff Pawlicki, and all of the crew for a successful project!

Touch-A-Truck Thank YouRuston Paving recently received a wonderful thank you letter from the BSA Troop #39 event chairperson for our participation in the 2011 Touch-A-Truck show.  The fundraiser was a huge success and was able to raise over $10,000 for the N.C. Children’s Hospital’s Promise Grant Program and Boy Scout Troop #39.  We were proud to be a part of the show and look forward to participating again next year.

Victory Faith Outreach Center Thank You LetterOur Durham division completed a project for The Victory Faith Outreach Center in Goldsboro, NC.  The Senior Pastor and his congregation were delighted to see this project completed.  “It was a long time in the making”.  They expressed their gratitude in a letter to Jory Alteri, Project Manager, and the crews involved in making this project a reality.  Thanks go out to everyone for all of your efforts and for proudly representing Ruston Paving.  Great job to everyone that was involved.

As a result, the Pastor asked Jory for more business cards due to the many churches inquiring about who built their parking lot!

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